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2009 – Scene 35: Stuff We Missed

The hardest thing we come across when writing the annual Year in Review is how to squeeze in all the crazy stuff that happens over the course of 12 months.  This year the line “Sure there’s stuff we missed” gave us the opportunity to get in all kinds of good stuff that would have normally fallen by the wayside.  For instance, the whole Tiger Woods debacle didn’t come up until well after we had locked lyrics so he became the punchline of the scene.

Here are the props and set that made it into the final video.  If you look closely you’ll notice they are all propped up on just about anything we could find that was white.  There’s white gaffers tape, spray paint caps, white thread and plastic coffee cup lids.  We are nothing if not makeshift…

Finally, we couldn’t resist posting the character design for our favorite cameo in this sequence.  It’s Christian Bale freaking the F out on the poor lighting guy during the filming of the last Terminator movie.  There was a four minute rant that went around the internet and since we have no idea who the lighting guy was we had Gregg make as scared a face as possible and snuck him in there…

Oh, wait a sec…  I thought this post was finished but HE’S gonna let us finish…

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