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2009 – Scratch Tracks

Before we get to the shot by shot breakdown of how we made the piece there are a few key steps that hold true for every project.  Once we have a tune selected and a fairly solid first pass on the script we will bust out our junky microphone and sing a pass directly into Final Cut Pro.  We call it a scratch track because that’s what it sounds like – chicken scratch!  Unfortunately we did not have a splitter for the headphones that would enable us both to hear the music so we snapped a pair of $2 Virgin America headphones in half and had to sing REALLY close to each other. (Good thing we’re brothers!)  Here’s some webcam shots of the fiasco as well as an audio pass of the first.  As usual, play it softly.  Unfortunately neither of us inherited our mother’s singing voice!

5 responses to “2009 – Scratch Tracks”

  1. ohhhhhhh
    i be always the clown…
    now im 40

    about i make jibjab in persons who need laugh
    god bless u dudes
    the money of this amazing creation
    is now a joke

    money came as a cascade inm few days
    do u sell it?
    please dont make jib jab
    to jib job
    y love u all
    god bless u
    n every1 who wants to stole or give a smile in other whithout nothing more than that as u remeber who i was n i always be
    jib jab

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