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Meet Me In “This Land”

Our central meeting room is nick named “This Land”, for reasons we shouldn’t have to explain if you’re reading this blog.  It must see at least four or five meetings a day, be it tech brain storming, laying out the calendar for the months ahead or going over scripts with tweaks.  Mostly though, it sees a lot of munching on Red Vines, which are kept stocked as a centerpiece at all times.  We browse the site and look at pitches by throwing them up on the glowing TV.  Here Andy discusses a script he wrote for some Valentine’s day stuff in production right now.  Usually Gregg and Evan weigh in, offer feedback and after a few sessions scripts are approved and onto production!

It’s dark in there, so forgive the blurry iPhone shot.


2 responses to “Meet Me In “This Land””

  1. by ‘weigh in’, you mean that you sit there dumbfounded, wondering how on Andy stays on staff, when he’s so darn brilliant and funny? especially since his primary form of compensation is red vines?

    of course… being funny doesn’t mean that he’s fiscally responsible… that’s a good thing… also, it’s good that he can’t read, so that he won’t see this…

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