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Never a Typo Like 09′

Ouch. Grammar fail.  When we put out our 2009 Year in Review, the images and text whizzed by too fast for most to get picky about sentence structure, but an eagle eyed fan found us out! In a customer support e-mail, a fan named Debbie wrote:

“You have an embarrassing grammatical error in your video, 0:17 minutes in. Please fire your copy writer for not knowing that “than” is a conjunction used in comparisons, not ‘then.’”

Embarrassing indeed! With our copy checkers blushing we quickly re-rendered the video and popped the correct lyric in there for a grammar win! Debbie got back to us after we alerted her to the change with

“Awesome! I didn’t think you guys would even acknowledge my email– let alone fix the problem! The email was sort of a joke but that’s pretty awesome that the video was actually edited. Now I love you guys even more! P.S. Sorry if I sounded pretentious, I didn’t think it would actually be read.”

Happy to help! So typos, tremble in fear at our user base, because they’re watching and we’re listening!

6 responses to “Never a Typo Like 09′”

  1. I liked this item from JibJab. Do more with captions. My brother is deaf and needs captions to follow your political Humor.

  2. I love Jibjab, but I’m getting a little bit tired of seeing obama on most of your cards….I think the honey moon is over and it’s time for jibjab to grow up and stop kissing o’s butt!! He’s a huge dissapointment!!!

  3. If I subscribed last year, and I want to subscribe again this year at the reduced price, does my subscription get extended?

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