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Messaging Make Over!

We’ve just given our messaging system an overhaul and changed up our layout for sending and receiving cards, allowing you to add a note onto our eCards for special occasions and holidays.

This is the page that you will see when you are done creating an eCard. It is ready to be sent!

And this is what the person receiving your eCard will see. Clean, crisp and to the point!

So what does this mean for you guys?  Well, for one, sending still images is a lot more fun when you can add your own message in!  The best way to see how we’ve restructured the cards is to try one out, and there’s no better area to give it a go than within our selection of new Valentine’s Day eCards (more on these this week). Spread the love!


One response to “Messaging Make Over!”

  1. Very nice! Can’t wait to try it out! I’m one of your biggest fans, just ask my friends that I’ve jib jabbed!

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