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Let’s Get Physical, on Facebook

We were psyched to learn that the song “Let’s Get Physical” was just named Billboard’s SEXIEST SONG OF ALL TIME.  Since we had such a great time working out to the song last month while filming our ‘Starring You’ version, we figured we should share a Facebook album full of our best behind the scenes photos.  It’s like you’re there with us, but without the gross gym smell!


3 responses to “Let’s Get Physical, on Facebook”

  1. We love jib-jab and love putting our faces on the videos
    I hope you do more action sports jib-jabs.
    Boating, surfing, water skiing, etc.

    Thank you..

  2. You’ve changed it so that any head you put on HAS to have some stupid hairdo! It’s nowhere near as good as it was before were you could just have your friends heads and their hairstyles :(. Please change it back or have the option to change it back!

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