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We’ve Got Mad Flow

Building an interactive website is tricky stuff, you’ve got to account for where people end up if they create an eCard, allow them to loop around back to the start, let them branch off into social networks or gift stores and account for if they are logged into the site, members or non-members, Facebook connect members… yeesh!

Sounds complicated right? That’s where our product manager Johan and his massive poster flow charts come in handy. With his help, we can track a user’s path through our site and help the experience seem intuitive and easy. We keep them up in the office as our closest thing to wallpaper. Check out the size of these beasts!

3 responses to “We’ve Got Mad Flow”

  1. When you are on the Everday Fun page, and you try to click on the Movies link or icon, it does not direct you to the Movies page. If you click on the link on the left sidebar it will direct you to that page, but not from the main link. FYI.
    Love the site!

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