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Snuggie in the House

In the JibJab offices, temperatures are temperamental. It can be sweltering hot in here one day, freezing cold the next. While we’ve been moving fans around and eating frozen lemonade, Maureen has the right idea. She’s been boldly rocking the pink Snuggie at work all day as she renders videos out for us.

5 responses to “Snuggie in the House”

  1. I wanted one of those for Christmas, but my husband read that after a couple of times in the dryer they get very I got me a small electric blanket instead..

  2. My girlfriend and I went out in club dresses in 20 degree weather. Both of us didn’t want to bring a good coat that would be stolen at the clubs so we shared one big Snuggie. She had one arm and I had the other arm and walked around like that at night. Got a lot of looks and laughs. Left the Snuggie on a barstool by the door and it was still there when we left hours later so we wore it home. LOL

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