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Behind the Irish Step

While we are gearing up to release lots of fun for St. Patrick’s Day next week, we wanted to go BACK IN TIME to revisit a ‘Starring You’ favorite… the Irish Step.  Meet Jason Gorman, Meredith Lyons, Carol Coyne and sisters Elsa & Anna Johnson.  Back in 2008, we found these dancers as part of an Irish Step group out of Long Beach.  This was before our daily blog, so we never had the chance to properly give them face time and credit for their impressive moves.  Of note, since we first filmed the dance over two years ago, Jason Gorman has stepped up to play the Lord in the famed Lord of the Dance!  Just take a moment and let that sink in.  You can put your face on a Lord of the Dance-worthy dancer.  Awesome.  Check out some raw footage from the shoot below and make sure to get your dance on this St. Patrick’s day by clicking here!

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