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Using iPad in the Field

Several of us rushed out to nab iPads last weekend and while we’ve mostly been reading eBooks and watching “Muppets in Space”, this historic photo below may capture JibJab’s first practical use of an iPad.

Evan loaded his iPad with one of the many Mother’s Day videos we’re working on and we hopped outside to take well lit photos of our fellow JibJabbers. Their faces will be inserted into the footage later on, as we often do, so to maintain accurate angles we cross compared the footage playing on his iPad to ensure the photos we were taking would match. It was a cinch! Footage was easier to view than watching on an iPhone and no having to bring our laptops outside, hooray!

8 responses to “Using iPad in the Field”

  1. based on the heading and photo on Facebook, and before reading the text, I thought you were going to say that the first practical use of the iPad was impressing chicks. 😉

  2. hi, i was wondering if the song you made for “he’s barack obama” was entirely written by you… I just saw an argentinian commercial of the deodorant Rexona with the exact same melody as the song you did. Were you and rexona both covering the same songor did Rexona change the lyrics of a song YOU did? I can’t find the commercial on internet, I guess it’s pretty new.
    Thanks for reading!

  3. Hei guys!!! Arriving the Ipadhid!!! 1024×768…. On brazil don’t have IPad ou PadI ….. it’s so NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! 1 for me.. my adress: Street of angels, number of you age…. City blu state (I don’t know)!!! HAHAHA

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