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Postable Process!

Trish recently shared with us the process she goes through to make a postable. Check it out!

Every postable starts with the background. It can be simple… though some of the artists here go all out.

For Character Layout I use references to create the poses, and build little gray versions of each piece.

I then start creating the actual people by laying real textures (arms, legs, clothing) over the gray versions of the pieces.

Most of the textures are blocked in, so then you have to create a sense of space and “roundness” of the characters by adding shadows on them, and lighting the scene.

This piece is a picnic scene for the Fourth of July, so I added some balloons and picnic food to enhance the “specific holiday feel”. Holidays with exact color schemes (The 4th, Christmas, Halloween) are certainly easier to create pieces for than occasions like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and holidays like that. Messaging is also added at this point, if there is any.

We usually bust these out in 1-3 days each, depending on the complexity of the piece. There you go!


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