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The Making of a Musical Kitchen!

We took our puppeteering aspirations to another level with “Musical Kitchen” our latest Mother’s Day extravaganza, creating a series of kitchen based creatures that could sing, dance and clean! But getting to that point took several incarnations of video.

First up, Andy scratched out his concept with some free style beatboxing.

From there we put it to a very basic animation with real music and Devin on vocals.

Then it was time to bring in the pros. The singing and deliveries from our favorite voice actors make the short all the funnier!

Corey plays the mother with hilarious results, and our puppets are put to action against a green screen!

Now head over to our Mother’s Day selection and enjoy the final product!  You can schedule it to be sent to any mom of your choosing on Sunday May 9th.

In the next blog, we’ll take a good look at all the puppets we created for the catchiest Mother’s Day based jam of the year.


2 responses to “The Making of a Musical Kitchen!”

  1. I’m so glad this original footage made it to the blog. It would be a shame if no one got to see my mad acting skills.

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