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Bring Your Dog to Work Day!

While every day is bring your dog to work day for Sammie, our office pug, today is bring your dog to work day for the rest of our JibJabbers with pets.  Meet Lucy and Oliver, a German Sheperd mix and corgi respectively.  Both were rescue dogs, Lucy was saved just last week from the Downey Shelter in South Gate.  There are huge shelters all over… if you’ve got room in your heart (and your house) for a pet, don’t forget about adopting!

Did you bring your dog to work?  Are they scaring the crap out of your dog-weary co-workers?  Sounds like the perfect time to make a free JibJab beware of dog sign for the office!

One response to “Bring Your Dog to Work Day!”

  1. I like the website. I work with dogs all day at a kennel, it’s so much fun. Thanks for sharing the pictures and the story


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