Intern Inception

This summer we have had four amazing interns helping us out on the production side of the offices.   They’re either really motivated, dedicated or just bored with anything that’s not animation.  It’s not surprising to see them pulling late nights, or even early mornings… which opens them up to a bit of embarrasment every once in and while.

Evan writes “I get in between 5 and 6 every morning.  I came in on Tuesday and saw Tyler and Ryan working, with Dylan passed out on the floor.  The next morning I came in and Dylan had pulled a SECOND all nighter in one week.  He is working in his own Halloween video… so he’s really motivated.”

Our favorite part of the video is when he says, “I wasn’t really asleep”, 10 seconds after the camera was jammed in his face and he didn’t budge.  So the question remains, was he or wasn’t he asleep? We’ll let you decide.   Watch the video, hit the poll and let us know.  In the meantime, we salute you Dylan… and the whole intern staff, your efforts are recognized and extremely appreciated. 😀

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