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A JibJab Panel at SXSW? Yes Please!

SXSW, the conference/festival for everything interactive, film and music held an open call for panel ideas this summer, which we could not resist. There are a few thousand entries for panels to be held at the interactive portion of the fest, and we think we’ve got something that’s never been done before, a panel that aims to gather JibJab and the folks behind Elf Yourself, the Simpsonizer, Mad Men’s avatar creator and viral personalized media from all over the net to discuss the phenomenon of sharing Starring You videos and posting personalized profile pictures.

How does the technology work? Who are the major creators of these web sensations? What is next in personalized entertainment? You’ll get these answers and then some come March if our panel gets picked! You can help us get a leg up on the competition by clicking here and voting for our concept. Don’t be afraid to browse around too, there are some awesome ideas and there’s room for more than one panel. See you in Austin!


One response to “A JibJab Panel at SXSW? Yes Please!”

  1. Oh HELL YEAH! This would be a great way to show off JibJab’s talents. Yeppers, I voted!!!

    And WHEN JibJab is selected (positive thinking, ya know) I hope Greg and Evan make the trip because I would really like to meet ya and take ya to lunch… so pencil me in!

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