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For the Monster Rap, we were lucky enough to get  Keith Patterson, AKA Kap-er from P-Dash Media in NYC to produce killer track vocals for us.  Keith had previously collaborated with us in our Brooklyn days with voice over for our classic Geezer series.  We’ve dug up “Geezers the Musical” so you can hear some of his musical skills before the rap .

Meanwhile, once the rap hit, he started getting calls from all over…

“My phone hasn’t stopped ringing since this morning regarding Monster Rap on Good Morning America. My uncle said ‘I heard you were just on TV’ I said ‘What? I’m still in the house.’ I had no idea what he was talking about until I got emails from my brother and his colleagues with a link to”

Today Keith is still in New York, making fun tracks and playing with puppets.  Check out his site here!

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