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Meet the Rockers, Rock Sugar!

We had the venue for our Holiday Rock, now we needed a bona fide rock band to make the production as authentic as possible.  Lucky for us, our buddy Jess Harnell just happened to head up a kickass group of rockers who had precisely the skills (and the hair) we were looking to feature in our headbangin’ holiday jam.  Jess himself is sort of legendary, you’ve heard his voice as Wakko Warner on Animaniacs and Captain Hero on Drawn Together.  JibJab fans may also recognize Harnell’s voice as the lead from our Original He’s Barack Obama.  A man of many talents, he performs regularly with his band Rock Sugar, a group self described as “the worlds first 80’s pop/metal mash up band”.

The sound and energy these guys brought to the table is more than apparent in our Starring You video.  These guys brought it onstage for our live rock show video shoot, whipping guitars around, twirling drumsticks and belting out big time. We can’t recommend more that you try to see them live, and show them a little love by “liking” their Facebook page!

Next up, we’ll show you how we created their outfits then show you the boys in action on stage! Stay tuned!


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