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The only thing more fun than making a Holiday Rock video on our website is making a Holiday Rock video FOR our website.  Our entire staff was amped to rock out for the taping of our biggest and baddest holiday card ever.  While the focus of the final video is that it’s STARRING YOU, here’s a video STARRING US.

Many left hoarse from screaming, Jeff got some nasty whiplast from headbanging his hair around and Jess Harnell, Rock Sugar’s lead singer, freakin CHIPPED HIS TOOTH on the microphone he was rocking so hard.  Jess kept on singing, chipped front tooth be damned.

The same level of rock applied for The Dreidel Song, where we shredded until the power gave out.


2 responses to “PURE ROCKIN’ ENERGY”

  1. I have been a member of yours since 2008 and have enjoyed your website very much, but in the last year I have been having difficulty downloading pics from my computer to put in videos. I get the same pop-up message “Ooops error occurred please try again. I have tried again and again, different times of day & night but, no success. I have the same computer, same camera, jpg as you require, and have heads in my account that I have used before so, I know my pics are the right size, etc. Please get back to me with a solution ASAP

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