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Happi Honika!

We are crazy about rapper Smooth-E’s Honika Electronica!  The Tron spoofing song premiered last year before the new film even started advertising, making the rap almost better this year since the movie’s hype has grown.  With that in mind that we decided to contact the world’s greatest Jewish rapper to see if we could get it on our site for Hanukkah this year. Smooth-E was nice enough to oblige, remixing the sound into a much more bite sized Hanukkah treat (read: shorter) with the same killer Hanukkah beat (read: awesome).

Like what you hear?  Then you should definitely visit, where you can find tour dates and download songs including an extended cut of Honika Electronica!  And Jewish or not, make sure to check out and send the Honika Electronica electronic card before that last candle goes out!

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