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5 Versions!?!

We set out to make make FIVE SEPARATE versions of every holiday piece we produced this year, which was a massive challenge.  Why so many versions of each video?  For casting we wanted to let people choose between a video featuring anywhere between 1-5 folks, meaning different layouts, grouping and shots for every incarnation.  While shooting we would switch out rockers for smaller group shots, peeling them down one by one for every version of the video.

For many of the other videos you’ll notice that we remove extra characters dependant upon how many you cast, but with Rock, it was impossible to hide the rest of the band ALL the time.  Sometimes shots were just too epic to cut out.  And it feels really good to have a full band behind you, even if you want to cast one person, and even if they end up being the stock heads we provide!

It took a lot of work, but we managed to crank out 5 videos that featured 1-5 casting this year, 25 variations in total.  Some folks are never satisfied though, whenever we offer 1-5, we get requests for groups of 6, 7 and 8!  Check out a comparison video for ROCK below.


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