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The 2010 Year in Review arrives Sunday on CBS!

Why are there cameras, lights and mics in our humble pirate ship themed studio?  CBS Sunday Morning, an American Institution, visited today for a few interviews, a tour and plenty of great material which they will air alongside the WORLD PREMIERE of our 2010 Year in Review; “So Long To Ya 2010”!  You may think you’re ready for it, but you’re not.  In fact, we’re not ready for it either! Back to work!

Oh and make sure to tune in to CBS on Sunday Dec. 19th for the video and more!

3 responses to “The 2010 Year in Review arrives Sunday on CBS!”

  1. I was the first one to publish this on YT!!! I can even send you a screenshot! SO LONG TO YA 2010!!!

    Btw, where I can watch CBS online and what CET (Brussels, Sarajevo, Paris, Amsterdam) time would “Sunday Morning” begin at?


    I love your years in review and can sing all of 2-0-5 by heart! I always love sharing these with my grandfather, a politically active man, and I wonder what you’ll include this time…

    I mean: Wiki Leaks, oil spill, DADT was upheld by one vote, the Tea Party, GOP House sweep, that volcano, tuition riots, Bradley Manning, the Propositon Eight gay marriage trials of California, one court ruling the insurance mandate as unconstitutional, Dubya’s autobiography, the CALM Act, Wikia’s collapse, Blockbuster and Hollywood filing bankruptcy, withdrawal from Iraq and onto Afghanistan, Iran’s got nukes, Russia’s a “mafia state”, Julian Assange, diplomatic leaks, Iraq leaks, helicopter videos, school lunch bills, that food safety/farm overhaul bill, Republican governors swipe the states up, the TSA’s perverted cops and increased airport security, a British Nationalist Party guy gets a seat, Lime Wire returns, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac fire their own inspector general, AIG is soon to repay its loan, the economy recovers, assorted famines, AIDS, and a potential breakthrough in Alzheimer’s, Amazon overtaking Wal-Mart in sales, the Interpol heads off on Julian, Sarah Palin shoots her mouth off again, Bush Tax Cuts stir fierce debate in the lame duck Congress, AHNULD steps down (awwww…), Halliburton’s cement cap in the spill, and bombs!

    So much to sing about, so little time!

    I can’t wait for December 19th, 2010!!!!

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