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An animatic is where we take the visual gags and ideas and start to lay them out into a timeline so we can see how they look and feel with the song.  As you can see from these samples, they are certainly not created to be pretty!  Mostly, animatics simply serve as guides for the artists so we can decide what gags are working, how to lay out our shots and how to time our action.  Sometimes a gag that we LOVE will have to get cut because it just doesn’t fit into the flow of the shots that surround it.

Here is our very first animatic from Nov. 8.  You’ll notice we still had not recorded with our musicians or actors and the entire end had yet to be thought out, but a lot of the shots are fairly close to where we ultimately landed…

A mere 4 days later we had completed our audio track and fine tuned a bunch of the shots, but the ending was still a big gaping hole…

Once the majority of the video was in production we went back to figure out what we wanted to do with the ending.  Jeff created 3 or 4 possible versions and here is the pass that we set out to shoot…

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