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We’ve had so many requests to get the full lyrics all written out, so here they are for your reading pleasure!


Sung to the tune of “Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze”

We arrived in ’09 on a rainbow of hope,
But two thousand ten blew it all up in smoke.
From Tea Party rallies,
To banks going broke,
So long to ya two thousand ten!

You brought no jobs despite all my spending!
We passed health care, they shouted, “Repeal!”

So old Joe went on national TV, and said,

Earthquakes, volcanoes,
Bond bailouts in Greece,
That well from BP gushed for 12 [beep]in’ weeks!

From Mosques at Ground Zero,
To damn Wikileaks,
So long to ya, two thousand ten.

I passed finance reform, placed a justice,
Yet, my ratings they plunged through the floor.
I got Rangel, McChrystal and Karzai,
And no credit for “ending” a war!

Don’t ask, Don’t Tell,
Palin, Beck, Jihad Jane,
Michelle taking [beep] ‘cuz she whizzed off to Spain!
Oh, two thousand ten, we can’t wait for you,
To jet like that guy from Jet Blue!

They shellacked us real good in the mid-terms.
We were so sad when Rahm said “Goodbye”
Russian spies, Times Square bombs, Immigration,
Cal-ee-fornia just wants to get high!

Inherited wars, and mountains of debt,
Gridlocked politicians and nuclear threats,
As President that seems to be what you get,
That’s why I want one-
He only wants one-
Just give me a damn cigarette!

So long to two thousand ten!

2 responses to “Lyrics!”

  1. “Repeal!”

    That’s it!! I could not make out what that puppet was saying in the health care part for the life of me! Anyways, thanks for posting! This was my favorite JibJab song yet!! Keep it up!

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