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Obama and Biden

Making sure the lead characters were funny was one of the most important challenges the Art team faced. If we could make Obama and Biden funny then everything else would snap into place. In fact, the song was originally just Obama’s with an occasional throw to Biden but when Romney turned out some ‘buddy’ drawings it got everyone really excited. Here are some of the drawings that inspired the final designs for the puppets as well as working pics of the puppets themselves…

For Biden, Justin’s drawings captured the goofiness we wanted to inject into the character but Dave injected a bit of Beavis which we thought was hysterical. When Evan made the puppet he tried to fuse the two ideas together with felt…

2 responses to “Obama and Biden”

  1. we love you guys – we’ve been watching and laughing since your Bush era funnies. Thanks for being so brilliant and making us laugh – even when it seems the whole world is falling apart …you are very talented. particularly love the Obama/Shakespeare/Othello idea – got it just right!

  2. What happened to the original Joe Biden and Obama puppets from the 2010 year in a review video after 12 years? Are they still there somewhere behind the studio?

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