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One thing we pride ourselves on at JibJab is working with the absolute best of the best of the best.  Whether it’s an artist, musician, engineer or business person, we feel incredibly lucky to be able to work with GREAT people!  That’s why when we made the decision to go with puppets we immediately reached out to the guys at Swazzle. We’ve worked with them in the past on some of our eCards and not only are they insanely talented, they are also really fun to hang out with!

Even though we had storyboarded and planned out the entire short before they came to the studio, we wanted to get a few rounds of pure improvisational acting so they had the freedom to bring their own bit of puppet magic to the short.  All three of these clips are them making it up as they go. Notice there are three guys operating each puppet.  It’s hard enough to two people to perform in sync but THREE???  Come on, guys!

7 responses to “Puppeteers”

  1. I really enjoyed this and posted it to my facebook page. We have a women’s talk show on all the social networks, and would love permission to show it on an upcoming show, with Jib Jab credit of course, 🙂
    I am a customer of Jib Jab and have had a lot of fun designing different videos and cards for B’days, and holidays and everyone loves it becasue it’s unique and different! Keep up the great work guys!

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