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Scene 05 – Balloon 2010

We thought this scene would be a breeze but it actually turned out to be quite a challenge. First, the balloons kept popping every time we would draw or paint on them. Then, when we finally got the balloon painted and blown up, we had a hard time popping it! Thank goodness for blow guns…

The way we got the balloon to fill up with air at the front of the scene was by using the oldest trick int the book… play the footage in reverse! Here’s the footage of Ian clipping a really tiny hole in the base of the balloon so it would slowly deflate. Play that footage the other way and it’s movie magic!

2 responses to “Scene 05 – Balloon 2010”

  1. Year after year I am impressed with the creativity, skill, work and satire/humor that your crew puts into the year in review and all of the JibJab cards. Thank you !!!

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