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Scene 07 – Health Care Reform

This scene proved way more complicated to shoot than we initially expected.  First, Mike had to build two puppets; one that looked uncomfortable and could actually swallow the Healthcare pill and the second that looked really pissed off and could spring up to shout ‘REPEAL!’

Getting the Obama puppet to actually hold the pill and jam it down the green guys throat in time with the music was where we had some issues. Being that the JibJab art team has not done puppet stuff before we did not really take the physics of the thing into account. Sure it all LOOKED nice but easy-to-operate was another story.

We finally decide to slow the audio down by 50%, act the scene out in slow motion then speed it up afterwards. Here’s a photo of the set up and a video clip of the guys acting it out in slow motion….

Once we got the whole pill-popping thing worked out, Mike set off to build the replacement puppet that would spring up and scream. Here’s some out-take footage of him and Justin operating the angry, little man…

Finally, as an extra bonus, here’s some of the original design work Justin created for Mike to build the character off of…

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