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Scene 13 – Puppets Being Puppets

Ian had done some early storyboards trying to figure out all the different ways that Obama and Biden could physically destroy the year 2010. We had them pop the 2010 balloon early, on but when we saw them beating the 2010 with sticks… we just knew it had to be in the short. As mentioned elsewhere on this blog, puppets preforming acts of physical violence never fails to be funny…

We couldn’t make a full fledged puppet video without tipping our hats to Punch and Judy, so for the set we decided to place the duo in a TRUE puppet stage. Here’s some of Justin’s viz dev for the set that he ultimately built out of sparkly foam and ribbons…

And finally, we knew we needed a REAL curtain transition to close out the scene and get us to the Shakespearean lament so here’s Jeff and Ian whipping something together and filming it. This footage is what we used for both the red and blue curtain falls in the short…

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