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Scene 18 – Michelle Talking S#!&

Michelle Obama caught a bunch of slack this year for using Air Force Two to take 40 of her friends on a lavish vacation she took to Spain. So how do we illustrate it? Have the first lady dressed like a princess perched atop golden airplane! We went to the toy store and bought a good sized plane. After spray painting it gold we set to work building the puppet…

As a side note, the First Lady puppet’s outfit was loosely modeled after Tiana, Disney’s first African American princess from ‘The Princess and the Frog’. Too bad that film released in December of 2009 instead of a month later then it would have even been MORE fitting for a 2010 year in review…

One response to “Scene 18 – Michelle Talking S#!&”

  1. So Disney has the fault of this…. when hasn’t Disney ruined everything, from buying Marvel to ruin a JibJab Year In Review! All in ONE year…..

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