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Scene 25 – Dancing Puppets!

Once again, we proudly present… DANCING puppets!

In the ‘Making the Cut’ post we talked about how this scene was originally supposed to focus on Bush and Cheney for ‘Inherited Wars’ and Kim Jung Il and Mahmoud Achmedinejad for ‘Nuclear Threats’ but the dancing puppets were just too darn funny to cut. Here’s a clip of some raw, unedited puppeteering mastery in action…

Another thing worth pointing out about the two puppet dancing sequences is just how gorgeous the background designs are. The mark of incredible background art is that you should not even notice it! (Kinda depressing, huh?) The backgrounds are there to support and frame the characters without pulling away the viewers attention. They help establish the mood and ‘feeling’ of a scene without drawing any attention onto themselves. It’s kind of like a good offensive line in football. If they do their job right the quarterback looks like a rockstar and if they don’t perform the team just loses! You might say, “Oh, those are just words back there” but you have no idea of all the considerations that go into making the selections. There’s font selection, color, how light or bold, how readable should the words be, and on and on. These layouts by our lead designer Will are just so sweet we thought they deserved their own moment in the sun…

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