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Scene 26 – The Podium

This scene might be a bit more of an obscure reference but we managed to sneak it in anyway. It happened at Fortune Magazine’s “Most Powerful Women Summit” at about 27 seconds into this video. To the President’s credit, he was pretty quick with a good humored response. For us, it was just fun to build a wonky Presidential podium out of foam core and wood paneled stickers! Here’s a shot of Justin’s ‘Presidential Seal’…

When we filmed the scene the seal was held in with a pin and the shot required all three puppeteers to nail the action in unison. 1) lift the podium 2) pop Obama 3) smack the podium 4) pull the pin. The Swazzle guys thought it was a piece of cake but we were amazed at the timing and coordination…

As a side note, one of the great thing about working with the Swazzle guys is they never stop having a good time! Even when we couldn’t get our janky foamcore props to coordinate they just kept acting…

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