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Scene 27 – The Finale

We were about a week and a half away from wrapping up the video when the news hit that President Obama got clocked in the head during a basketball game and had to get 12 stitches to the lip! Once again (and we can’t say this enough) there is nothing funnier than puppets and physical violence so we knew we had a new punchline for the end of the piece. We quickly called Jim Meskimen, our voice for Joe Biden, and had him record a few lines from home. After he emailed them over to us Amia ran to the sporting good store and picked up a kid’s sized basketball. Two days later the puppeteers were in to film the new ending. Being able to react quickly and turn on a dime is one of the pure joys of working in a small studio environment. We doubt Disney, Dreamworks or Pixar can squeak a gag into a film 3 days before a release! (But then again, we wish we had their ticket sales!)

Here, for your enjoyment, is puppet Obama getting hit in the head with a basketball one more time…

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