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Thanks and Shout Outs!

As is typically the case with a big ‘Behind the Scenes’ effort, we imagine if you made it to the last post that you are most likely a fan of JibJab (Or maybe this year you’re just REALLY into puppets?) In either event we want to say, “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!” for taking the time to watch our work and share it with your friends and family. We remind ourselves everyday that if it weren’t for you watching and spreading our work we wouldn’t be able to do this for a living so we are eternally grateful!

Now, we are honored to present you with the AMAZINGLY talented folks who helped make this year’s video something we are proud to call a JibJab!

“So Long to Ya, 2010”

Directed by: Evan & Gregg Spiridellis
Written by: Gregg Spiridellis, Scott Emmons
Art & Design: Evan Spiridellis, Romney Caswell, Mike Chiechi, Ian Worrel, Kevin Elam, Jeff Gill, Justin Parpan, Trish Tatman, Alex Chechik, Dave Bergmann, Will Staehle
Compositing & FX: Anthony Denha, Tom Horvath
Puppeteers: Swazzle (Sean Johnson, Patrick Johnson, Artie Espisito)
Music Producer: John Frizzell
Voice Talent: Gabriel Mann, Jim Meskimen
Audio Engineer: Frederik Wiedmann
Sound Design: Jeff Shiffman, Evan & Gregg Spiridellis
Production Support: Lauren Lloyd, Amia Tadjalli, Maureen Tzudiker, Robbie Harrison

One response to “Thanks and Shout Outs!”

  1. Guys,
    This is creativity at its 2010 best and you deserve a nomination for the most creative short film animation at the Oscars.
    Great job. Keep up the universally fantabulous exercise in the brainstorming genius department. You will go farher than you dream!
    Happy New Year!

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