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Making Feliz Navidad!

Jeff rocked this project, first planning out drawing and drawing the animatic below, then doing all the dancing.  Zowee!

Warning, this will either ruin Feliz Navidad for you, or make it ten times better.

Then the team got hard to work and we pulled together to create some amazing art and a sharp render of the whole she-bang.  See detailed pictures at our Facebook album!

3 responses to “Making Feliz Navidad!”

  1. This is so cool and so interesting! We did the Santa coming to town with the faces of our donkey, alpaca, horse, goat and pig to use on our website! What a hoot! Love Jib Jab! You rock!

  2. This is my favorite video ever. Seriously makes me laugh and smile every time I watch it. It never gets old. Thank you for making this. I just….I just love it….

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