Scene 17 – Egypt Rebels

This gag goes back to a sketch that Jeff had done over the summer during the first riots in Egypt.  We thought it was so funny that we had to ‘appropriate it’ for the video.  Here’s a shot of the set to give you scale.  We wish we had tacked on a picture from the other side so you could see how all of those little Egyptians were rigged up and pinned to that stick but alas, all you get is this…

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    After the Great War, when Picasso moved away from cubism to a neoclassicism and then surrealism, Braque returned to what for him was unfinished business. In the monumental Musician of 1917/18 he combines the flat interlocking and overlapping geometric forms of 1909-11 period with the colour and legibility of the years 1912-14. The rectangular framing device surrounding the painted figure of the musician so emphatically emphasises its flatness that it is as if we were looking at a picture within a picture or a figure on a playing card.

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