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Scene 40 – The Grand Finale

The grand finale always has to be BIG.  We knew from the get-go this year that the finale would have to be composited together because there was no way to get all of those puppets performing together in one take.  Not only did we not have enough hands to film it, there just wouldn’t have been enough room.  With that in mind, Jeff spent one night by himself locked up in the studio filming each of the puppets against the blue screen then compositing them together into one epic pull back. By the time we arrived back at work the next morning he was blurry eyed and half delirious but the job was done!

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One response to “Scene 40 – The Grand Finale”

  1. I really like the behind-the-scenes thing! I just wish there were a few more details (or links to information) about the events depicted–a list of the people who died, for instance. I don’t remember everything that happened, and I’m really terrible about recognizing faces, so some hints about who, what, and why would be really nice.

    Also, I’m pretty sure you want “…all of those puppets PERFORMING together…” rather than “preforming”.

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