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Scene 35 – Stuff We Missed

Need we say more…

Okay…we’ll say more. Some of the items listed in this shot are as follows…

-Ashton Kutcher divorce -Debut of Google Plus

-Mark Zuckerberg hunts his own food

-NASA’s last shuttle launch

-Nyan cat goes viral on the internet

-Jason Segel brings the Muppets back to the big screen!

-Lady Gaga arrives at the Grammy’s in an egg

-Hank Williams Jr has his song removed from Monday night football

-A pepper sprayed student

-Obama proves his birth certificate to be real

-Donald Trump’s presidential bid for 2012

Next – Scene 36 – Quakes

2 responses to “Scene 35 – Stuff We Missed”

  1. i have a question. why do you post the video just before the new year? why not like a week after january 1st so that nothing springs out at the last minute like Kim jong ill dying?

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