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Visual Development

We always look forward to the Year in Review production because it’s our big chance to unwind a PLAY after a hectic holiday season. This year we knew we wanted to do something with our hands again so we decided on popsicle sticks and cut paper. The goal was to create the typical “JibJab-look” but to step away from the computers for a bit and do it all in-camera. Ya know… the good ole fashioned way.  Here’s a smattering of the pre-production art work from inspirational reference to storyboards and from color keys to character designs…

And these were some very early video tests to see what might happen if we threw some clay into the mix…

We all loved the Gumby style clay animation mixed with paper cut outs but felt we’d be better off sticking with popsicle sticks. Here’s the first test that proved that theory out…

Next – Animatics

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