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Widescreen, Wigged Valentines

Along with our new Samba Dance and I Got You Babe music video, keen eyes may notice that our fare from years previous have received makeovers!  First up, widescreen. 14 videos were retrofitted in dimension from 4×3 to 16×9 to give you a cinematic JibJab experience.

We’ve also added wigs and hats to the Starring You videos in our library.  The new headpieces work to integrate you deeper into the experience, while making it easier for you to create great looking Starring You heads.  Hair is typically the hardest element to cut out, (it’s different on everyone), so these changes take the role of barber away from you, providing you with hair created by our JibJab artists.

Want to find the revamped video Valentines?  Try Shoot Cupid, Silent Film, the Charleston, Tango, La Cucaracha, Disco, Striptease Male, Striptease Female, Farty Valentine, Romeo & Juliet, Let’s Get Physical, Kama  Sutra, Chippendales and Let’s Make Out! Uh-oh… looks like you’re going to have to get a few more Valentines.

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