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The Samba Story

Our latest dance has been in the works for a long, long time. We shot the Samba in December 09 and it has been on our to-do list throughout the last year (and change!).  To make it an authentic Brazilian dance experience, we brought in the pros, Kimberly Miguel Mullen and Emeka Simmons.

Kimberly, who earned her masters in dance at UCLA,  teaches several dance classes in the Venice area, has her own series of Brazilian dance fitness DVDs and has performed all over the world.  Emeka too has performed worldwide, in depth across Central America and Brazil, studying and performing with two Brazilian dance companies, Viver Brazil in 2003 and Ballet Folkloricodo Brazil in 2004.

Our final, short video displays a fraction of the skills they have, make sure to check out the behind the scenes photo album on our Facebook page for more pics and information, and visit Kimberly’s website to get the low down on her! Heck, buy a few of those DVDs of hers and maybe you can look as awesome as she does.

Then again, you can get her look instantly via Starring You, the Samba dance is available as a Valentine here or as an Everyday Fun dance here.

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