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Month: March 2011

  • A JibJab for the 21st Century

    Earlier this week we updated our eCard landing pages to include a more modern, sleek design. In a continued effort to bring a cleaner, sleeker look to the site we are finally doing away with the old-timey mustaches for a more modern look.  As the JibJab team continues to work to bring you a cutting […]

  • JibJab Featured on!

    The Adobe Developer Connection website has published an article written by Jamie who is both one of the insanely good developers on our team as well as new father as of today! The article is a hands-on tutorial explaining how to use and extend OSMF (Open Source Media Framework) to build a custom video player. […]

  • Meet the Dancers!

    For our Russian Dance, Amia on our production team went right to the source with casting and found us the dancers of Barynya. These guys are the biggest Russian dance and music company outside of… well… Russia. Barynya owner Mikhail Smirnov arrived and performed with dancers Youri, Lilia, Ksenia, Dimitri and Artour, who rocked the […]

  • Kalinka! Kalinka!

    Where’d we find that perfectly Russian track for Russian Dance, our latest Starring You video? Well if you’re a fan of Russian folk dance, the answer is obvious… it’s the Kalinka, a song first written in 1860 by Russian composer Ivan Larionov. Don’t know your Russian theatrical history? You’ll probably recognize the ever quickening beat […]

  • In Starring You Russia, Jib-Jabs You!

    Well all-right! With a month break in major holidays, we rallied our team to get you a new Starring You dance to create and share!  Launching today, our Russian Dance will be free for the first 48 hours (Promotion over, thanks for playing folks!) as part of a celebration in reaching 300,000 Facebook fans this […]

  • Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

    Before we hit the bars, a quick check-in to say Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We hope you’ve been enjoying our series of behind-the-scenes blogs on the making of our new St. Paddy’s Day content. Much of it has been lovingly updated from standard dimensions to wide screen, with new hats and wigs added to our […]

  • Boink Me, I’m Irish

    Last year we published a few birthday eCards designed and animated by Nate Theis, to great fanfare.  We’re happy to bring his work back to JibJab with “Boink Me, I’m Irish” just in time for St. Paddy’s Day! Check out his new card for yourself at our site.

  • Beer! Beer! BEER! Backgrounds!

    Like secrets? We’ve got a Facebook album full of them! Find hidden staff members, learn how we made beer taps and see where we stole those red chairs from in this week’s collection of behind the scenes art for our St. Patrick’s Day hit, Beer! Beer! BEER! Ready for backgrounds and props? Click onward to […]

  • Hear Us JibberJabber at SXSW Tomorrow!

    Tuesday, March 15th, marks our first appearance at biggest interactive entertainment event of the year, SXSW! Seeing that we’re in the business of interactive entertainment, were taking this chance to chat about the technology and culture behind our Starring You videos, with “Head Art Guy” Evan Spiridellis! Texas. Tuesday. 11:45am. Be there!

  • St. Pat’s Costume Design

    We went through several incarnations of costumes for our merry St. Patrick’s drinking song. From kilts to jackets to vests, check them all out, recently added to our behind the scenes Facebook album!

  • On Set for Beer! Beer! BEER!

    Can’t get enough Beer! Beer! BEER!? We usually can’t. Dig deeper into the creation of our St. Paddy’s short with a new Facebook photo album full of behind the scenes photos! You’ll meet our performers, the same crew from our infamous Snowball Fight Starring You, including Terra Jole (CSI, Jackass 3D) well as brothers Adama […]

  • Beer! Beer! BEER!’s Alcoholic Animatic

    Once we had our music track locked, we set out to create a Starring You video with equal amounts of energy and … drinking! Five person Starring You videos are our most requested, so we began with 5 leprechaun characters and came up this animatic, which scripted most of the movement for Beer! Beer! BEER!

  • The Music Behind Beer! Beer! BEER!

    So where did we get that catchy Irish drinking song for out St. Patrick’s Day Starring You spectacular… Beer! Beer! BEER!? Scrounging around iTunes for the perfect St. Paddy’s tune, we stumbled upon a recording of Beer, Beer, Beer recorded by The Malarkey Brothers, a band of four siblings that play some mean Celtic music. […]

  • Here Comes The… You

    Boom. And just like that, new profile pic. This one goes out to all you brides-to-be out there.  Same goes for you always-the-bride’s-maid-never-the-bride types that want a taste of what it’s like to go to gown town.

  • With Apologies to Charlie Sheen

    Our new St. Patrick’s Day video Beer! Beer! BEER! is going strong, with 750,000 views in the last two days!  We’re excited to see how many people get into the Irish spirit as St. Paddy’s Day approaches. Meanwhile, we put this up on YouTube, because we can’t help ourselves.