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A JibJab for the 21st Century

Earlier this week we updated our eCard landing pages to include a more modern, sleek design. In a continued effort to bring a cleaner, sleeker look to the site we are finally doing away with the old-timey mustaches for a more modern look.  As the JibJab team continues to work to bring you a cutting edge product, we took a cutting edge to the JibJab guys and gave them some nice new suits and a fresh shave.

You’ll find our dapper duo sitting clean faced above the site while you browse from here on out. While we’re sad to see our classic turn of the century imagery go, it is the turn of a new century and we at JibJab plan to embrace it! In fact, we’ve already got a logo design ready for the year 2111.  Bear with us as we update our spinning logo on the site and shave each instance of the JibJab guys.  There were more of them than we thought and we only have so much shaving cream…

Oh and in case you’re a few weeks behind on your quote-a-day desk calendar like we are, April Fools!


10 responses to “A JibJab for the 21st Century”

  1. Sorry, but I much prefered the original. Perhaps because that was/is my generation. I’m still a loyal fan

  2. They look depressed and stupid. Without the stashes their appearance is vastly smarmier. There is nothing modern about the design. Plus, they still have the old hair styles, which makes it look like their face is missing something. So more misplaced if anything. It had more humor in is design and look before. Hopefully this is just an April fools joke. Much of the comments on your Face Book page concur to this thought of mind.

  3. So you think they should change Burger King to Burger Prince or Master Card to Mastard? Previous mascot or logo seemed more fitting. Jib Jab provides a seasoned type of humor. The mustaches exude that old time, spirited, and common sense approach to the message you provide.

    • I love the jib jabs but you guys have made it more difficult to find the ones I want.. I really don’t like the new lay out to find them,,,,, don’t like the new guys either, bring back the old. Sometimes it’s better to keep things the same, makes it homey and easy. Want to work on something besides change? Make some more singing jib jabs like “I Got You Babe” Loved it and would like to see more of them. I’ve been with you for years now. So I love it,,,, but we need more of what we love, not change to what we love……Just sayn’ Rose

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