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  • Swinging into Spring!

    Spring has officially sprung & the Easter holiday is this weekend! Of course that means another fun Starring You dance that will give you moves you didn’t even realize you had! Last year we brought you a 50s themed do-wopping dance and this year we were lucky enough to work with some amazing professional swing dancers […]

  • Studio Snooping

    Our studio is rarely empty. On any given day during the week (and sometimes weekends too!) you can find artists in there working on a new video, creating puppets, painting, drawing a live model or even working on personal projects after work. However, from now until mid-September, our studio will be mostly off limits due […]

  • A JibJab for the 21st Century

    Earlier this week we updated our eCard landing pages to include a more modern, sleek design. In a continued effort to bring a cleaner, sleeker look to the site we are finally doing away with the old-timey mustaches for a more modern look.  As the JibJab team continues to work to bring you a cutting […]

  • Operatic eCards on the Way

    Here’s a quick teaser, meet JibJab’s Opera Man, headed to the site in a series of eCards very soon!

  • Keep An Eye Out…

    Anthony has been testing out webcam technology for a new super secret project we have in the works.  Using a camera hooked up to your computer, pretty soon you should soon be able to take a facial photo for a “Starring You” video right at your desk!  We’ll be announcing the massive project next month […]

  • Triple Lutzing Onto The Site Next Week…

    We’ve got a few new Starring You videos hitting the site next week and this is your first peek at one we’re super excited about unleashing upon the world.  Wait’ll you see how we pulled off putting your head onto spinning skaters…

  • Mixing it Up for 2009’s YIR

    We’re running out of days in 2009, which must mean one thing… our annual Year-In-Review has begun production! We always try to keep our animations fresh by varying up the styles we use and this year we’re going for something entirely different than we’ve ever attempted before. For 2009’s recap we’re getting hands on with […]

  • We’ve Created a Monster!

    Here is a sneak peek at two of the five characters for our big Halloween video debuting next week!  We’re taking Starring You to new levels of diabolical personalization, allowing you to affix your head in our symbol technology.  What does that mean?  Facial hair, giant goggles and monstrous features are going to blend right […]

  • Something Big is Coming to JibJab…

    Something big is taking over our site next week. Big and fluffy. Stay tuned.

  • Hanukkah in August

    While most people don’t even have labor day on their minds yet, our production schedule has us working on our big holiday pieces up to six months in advance!  Right now we’re cranking away on Halloween, Christmas AND Hanukkah stuff.  Most of our art and animations for the December holidays will remain top secret for […]

  • Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Puppet

    In the studio last week, we had a very special impersonator hanging around.  The puppet was masterfully designed and constructed by Mike, one of our multi-talented animators.  Look for this hound dog on the site very soon!

  • Dancing Doodie Doodles!

    We may have devised the best summer intern challenge of all time when we asked our squad of 3 Jibterns to present us with a variety of dancing doodies in preparation for an upcoming card.  The result was hilarious and strange smattering of muck!  Which dookie design won?  You’ll have to wait for the final […]

  • Two Starring Yous Coming Next Week

    There are two majorly rocking Starring Yous coming into your life next week and we can’t keep quiet much longer.  For starters, our Weird Al video will allow you to cast yourself into one of Yankovic’s music videos for the first time!  As if that weren’t enough, we also have a guitar shredding Starring You […]

  • New Weird Al Video Drops August 4th!

    We are moving ahead full speed on our collaboration with Weird Al Yankovic, putting together what has to be one of the most insane videos we’ve ever done.  What is it about?  That we cannot say until it’s release, but we can hit you with this teaser image to tide you over.  The video and […]

  • A Tale of Two Studios

    We have a secret we’ve been hiding from you. As we hope you can understand, we always try to show you our good side. Thus, we tend to show you pictures of our studio that are nice and clean and tidy like this: However, as we hope you can also understand, we’re aren’t always so […]