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Jarl’s in Charge

Typically, we like to use friends and family when we cast a secondary character in one of our Original videos.  For our upcoming Obama video, we needed to find someone in their 40/ 50s with a commanding physical presence to play a military General, and nobody from our immediate circle fit the bill.  So where […]

BIG NEWS! Obama video to premiere in front of POTUS himself!

We are beyond thrilled to announce that our first satire of the Obama administration will premiere in front of the big man himself at the 65th Annual Radio and Television Correspondents Association Dinner on June 19th in Washington, DC! While we can’t give away any of the details about the video yet, we can say […]

What we ask of our Artists…

Philip here is inked from elbow to wrist as a special request for our huge Obama spectacular.  It’s nice to work with a crew that’s willing to do anything to help us get the assets we need for animation.  And no, it’s not permanent.  Though it may be permanent marker… We’re revealing the launch date […]

We’re Workin’ On It!

What are we working on?  Here’s a face you might recognize… Big updates within the next week!


Our product team has loaded up the development pipe with more new web features than you can shake a stick at. That means if you saw our Director of Development’s to-do list, you would want to crawl under a blanket and call out for your mommy. Does Chris do that? Heck no! In his spare […]

This one goes out to all the moms out there…

11 days until Mother’s Day and our design team has their nose to the grindstone, filling up our Mother’s Day category with pictures and videos that a wide variety of moms will appreciate.  Most of our new videos are up, and this week you’ll be seeing a mess of new pictures go live.  Justin is pictured […]

The Future of Starring You!

A secret task force of tech and creative leads has been working hard to make the next generation of Starring You cooler than ever. Of course, frosty brews are key to this process. What lies in store for the next iteration of personalized JibJab content? We’re not telling! Just rest assure that it’s going to […]

Spring Has Sprung!

Vernal equinox is today, one of those rare March 20th ones at that, but we’re on the ball. In honor of budding trees, green grass and hatching eggs, we bring you some sketches of little chicks from artist Trish Tatman! We particularly like the smiling one on the far right. JibJab is set to unleash […]

Top O’ the Teaser to You

Make sure to tune into JibJab tomorrow for a mess o’ new content with a decidedly Irish twist.  For now, here’s a little clue as to where the rainbow might end…

Mayo En Febrero

We’re sure that you’re just getting over Valentine’s Day, but over here at JibJab we’re already thinking about the 5th of May! That’s why we had traditional Mexican folk dancers come down to our studio this week, borrowed from Los Angeles’ historic La Fonda restaurant on Wilshire. Home to delicious Mexican cuisine and live mariachi […]