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Studio Snooping

Our studio is rarely empty. On any given day during the week (and sometimes weekends too!) you can find artists in there working on a new video, creating puppets, painting, drawing a live model or even working on personal projects after work. However, from now until mid-September, our studio will be mostly off limits due to the intense production of one particular video.

This morning, we poked our heads in to find Jeff working in the dark, with only a few lights shining on his makeshift stop-motion stage. With a quick “Woops! Sorry about that!” we ducked back out the door and decided to return later in the day, when there would be a break in filming.

When we returned, the studio was empty. Perfect time for snooping! We flipped on the lights and were able to fully see what Jeff has been working on the last few days.

These adorable characters were small, but full of charming details. We are eager to see what else Jeff creates for this video, and we can’t wait to share the finished product with you! For now, though, the title of the video will have to remain a mystery, but trust us, it’s going to be a hoot – maybe even a toot! 


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