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Mixing it Up for 2009’s YIR

We’re running out of days in 2009, which must mean one thing… our annual Year-In-Review has begun production! We always try to keep our animations fresh by varying up the styles we use and this year we’re going for something entirely different than we’ve ever attempted before. For 2009’s recap we’re getting hands on with “crafty” animation techniques, literally. We’re busting out knives, construction paper, puffy cotton balls and clay and capturing images on the improvised camera rig pictured below!


5 responses to “Mixing it Up for 2009’s YIR”

  1. Sadly, Evan’s actually probably working on this at 4:36am, when I’m reading it. In the next week or so, prepare to see his hair begin to fall out, and have him speaking in tongues, as another part of the Year in Review process repeats itself.

    Go Evan!

  2. I can’t wait for the year in review. When can we expect it to come out? I always use it for my Holiday greeting.

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