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Hanukkah in August

While most people don’t even have labor day on their minds yet, our production schedule has us working on our big holiday pieces up to six months in advance!  Right now we’re cranking away on Halloween, Christmas AND Hanukkah stuff.  Most of our art and animations for the December holidays will remain top secret for quite some time and we’ll be blogging Halloween stuff like crazy come October, but just in case you were wondering what our animators are up to, we’re launching head on into the holiday season!


Above, a grab from our animatic to “The 8 Days of Hanukkah”.

4 responses to “Hanukkah in August”

  1. I think that you have created one of the most unique sites out there. The fact that you allow us to personalize scenarios creates such fun…but most importantly…a reason to laugh.

    We need more laughter in this world.

    I wish you continued success, and I’ll do my part to continue creating on your creations.

  2. We are atheists. Could you please design an atheist holiday card? It would really ROCK and be very popular among many many people.

    Something like,
    “There is no god, so enjoy your holiday without the guilt.”

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