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Sock Hop, Doo-wop, The Hop

In the rockin’ 1950s high school dances were 10xs more fun than now. Why? Because if you were on the dance floor you were required to take off your shoes and honestly, what’s more fun than dancing in your socks? Sock hops were the inspiration for the song “At The Hop” by Danny & the Juniors that we used in our new Easter Starring You eCard: The Hop.

It was completely obvious to us that this 1957 hit single by a doo-wop quartet from New Orleans could be relevant in 2011 with dancing Easter bunnies.

Have you done The Hop?

One response to “Sock Hop, Doo-wop, The Hop”

  1. I love the 50’s and I came across your creative post when googling “Sock Hop” The card is cute and I’m going to give it a try. Keep on Hoppin’

    at Hey Viv !

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