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Mom Rap – Lyrics!

You may remember last June we released a Dad Rap just in time for Father’s Day.  But we all know Dads aren’t the only ones who like to get down – Moms can spit rhymes too!  We’ve laid out the lyrics for you:

Spoken intro:

All right, settle down…settle down… ‘Cuz I said so, that’s why!

I’m the M-O-M, here to bust a rhyme out,
So listen up, yo, or I’ll put you in a time out!
I rule the roost, I’m commander in chief,
My to-do list’s longer than War & Peace.
I do it all, I’m a coach, I’m a nurse.
I got a whole damn drugstore in my mad Mom purse!
Cookin’ mac and cheese, like I’m the Top Chef,
Feedin’ hungry kids like I was UNICEF!
Rollin’ atcha soccer games, enthusiastic,
Rockin’ mom jeans, lookin’ hella fantastic!
Running mad errands, yo, all over the map.
I’ve changed some diapers, but take no crap!
So sit up straight!  Clean your plate!  No swearing!
Don’t roll your eyes!  Is that what you’re wearing?
You think you’re all bad?  Well, you best be good.
Better watch yo’ booty when Mom’s in da hood!

5 responses to “Mom Rap – Lyrics!”

    • I love Jib Jab,but I can’t become a member because I don’t own a credit card. Is there any other way that I could make the payment for the yearly cost? Thank you, Dawn Mac Dermid

  1. I haven’t had a Mom for a lot of years now, but this sure brings back a lot of memories. She never made to the “Rap” generation,but I know she would have loved this. THANX

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