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Yesterday JibJab was forced to say goodbye to Dan Milano.  Dan has been the writer, funny-man and all around keeper of this very blog, so readers, he is of note to you as well!   He has packed up and is moving all the way across the country to NYC.  Dan has definitely left his mark at JibJab – when he wasn’t programming the front page, writing for the blog, posting on Facebook, Twitter, Daily Motion, YouTube or writing emails announcing new Starring You! videos, birthday alert fun facts, he also, hiccuped once a day & wrote some great sendables like this one & this one!

On top of all that Dan was our resident internet king.  If you’ve ever seen something viral/cool on the internet, chances are Dan saw it first. And so as a token of appreciation, Jeff thought it would be fun if some of us created some animated GIF’s for Dan… a sort of ‘Going Away GIF’.  So we did just that – we mimicked our favorite internet meme or created a whole new one featuring the face of everyone’s favorite webjockey, Milano! Check it out here:

If you read this blog and enjoy it, you can leave your parting words to Dan in the comments below!

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  1. Dan
    Posted May 16, 2011 at 3:46 pm | Permalink

    Thanks, yall. You guys rocked my socks. Now the closest I can get to reliving my days at JibJab is putting actual rocks in my socks. Sad.

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